At Noseo-dong Tombs, the tomb of Seobongchong was erected between the 4th and 5th centuries. Excavation of the mound yielded a gold crown of Silla origin that now resides at the Gyeongju National Museum

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1. Geumgwanchong

0.04 MILES

At Noseo-dong Tombs, Geumgwanchong was built between the 4th and 5th centuries.

2. Noseo-dong Tombs

0.11 MILES

Near the main shopping area is the Noseo-dong district, where you'll find Silla tombs. Seobongchong and Geumgwanchong are adjacent tombs built between the…

3. Bonghwangdae

0.12 MILES

Sprouting huge trees of vast girth, this is the largest extant Silla tomb – 22m high, with a 250m circumference. It's quite a picture at any time put…

4. Beopjang-sa

0.16 MILES

This small one-hall Buddhist temple opposite the north gate to Tumuli-gongwon is worth a look-in, especially for the vividly-painted guardians painted on…

5. Tumuli-gongwon

0.26 MILES

The huge, walled park has 23 tombs of Silla monarchs and family members. From the outside, they resemble substantial grassy hillocks that echo the…

6. Cheonmachong

0.28 MILES

This is the only tomb at Tumuli-gongwon that is open to visitors. At the time of writing the tomb was shut for a grand restoration, scheduled to reopen by…

7. Geumnyeongchong

0.28 MILES

Across the road from Noseo-dong tombs is this tomb, adjoining Bonghwadae.

8. Cheomseongdae

0.74 MILES

Southeast of Tumuli-gongwon in the attractive sprawl of Wolseong-gongwon is the Far East’s oldest astrological observatory, constructed between AD 632 and…