Fishing boats and Cape Fur Seals in Hout Bay Harbour, near Cape Town, South Africa.

© David Steele/Shutterstock

Hout Bay Harbour

Sea Point to Hout Bay

Partly given over to tourism with complexes such as Mariner’s Wharf, Hout Bay’s harbour still functions and the southern side is a fishing port and processing centre. Cruises and snorkelling/diving trips to Duiker Island depart from here.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

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1. Leopard Statue

0.78 MILES

This bronze leopard statue on a rock has been sitting since 1963 on the approach to Chapman's Peak Dr from Hout Bay, and is a reminder of the wildlife…

2. Sandy Bay

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This particularly beautiful stretch of sandy beach is roughly a 15-minute walk to the south from the Sunset Rocks parking area at Llandudno. As Cape Town…

3. World of Birds

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Barbets, weavers and flamingos are among the 3000 birds and small mammals – covering some 400 different species – at Africa's largest bird park. A real…

4. Llandudno Beach

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The exclusive enclave of Llandudno has a giant-boulder-flanked beach that’s a beauty. It’s a popular spot with families. There’s surfing here on the beach…

5. Klein Constantia

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Part of Simon van der Stel's original Constantia estate, Klein Constantia is famous for its Vin de Constance, a sweet muscat wine. It was Napoleon’s…

6. Tokai Arboretum

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This planting of 1555 different trees representing 274 species, begun in 1885 by Joseph Storr Lister, the conservator of forests for the Cape Colony, is…

7. Tokai Forest

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This wooded section of Table Mountain National Park is a favourite spot for picnics, mountain biking (weekends only) and walks. To reach the forest, take…

8. Cape Point Vineyards

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This small vineyard known for its fine sauvignon blanc has a spectacular setting overlooking Noordhoek Beach. Enjoy the wines with a picnic (R395 for two,…