Monument of the Slovak National Uprising


The central feature of broad Nám SNP is a bronze monument honouring the antifascist revolt for which the square is named. In November 1989 huge crowds assembled here in the days leading up to the fall of the communist regime, and it was also here that Slovaks gathered before the Velvet Divorce from the Czech Republic.

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1. Jesuit Church

0.14 MILES

The Jesuit Church of the Holy Saviour, just off Hlavné nám, was built in the 17th century. It's worth peeping inside to see the baroque altar.

2. Museum of Pharmacy

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In an original burgher house, a tiny museum gives a glimpse of the unguents and ghoulish cures that would have been offered by the pharmacy that stood…

3. Michael's Gate & Weapons Museum

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Of Bratislava's original 13th-century walls, Michael's is the last gate standing. Capped with an onion dome, the gate's tower was rebuilt in baroque style…

4. Museum of City History

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7. Roland's Fountain

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Planted in the heart of Bratislava's most storied square, Roland's Fountain is said to have been erected in 1572 to serve as a public water supply. It's…

8. Napoleon's Soldier

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Napoleon's army besieged Bratislava in 1809. According to local lore, one of his soldiers fell in love with a local girl and stayed in Bratislava. He's…