Bratislava Castle

Top choice castle in Bratislava

Image by Allan Baxter Getty Images

Square, a brilliant shade of white and flanked by four stocky towers, bold Bratislava Castle looks as though it has been transplanted straight from a children's picturebook. The fortification's history dates to the 9th century, though today's incarnation is a 1960s rebuild in Renaissance style; the castle had lain in ruins after a fire in 1811. Exhibitions feature a picture gallery, model reconstruction of the castle and Middle Ages history.

Highlights are climbing the Crown Tower for views over Bratislava, and admiring the late-Baroque Assumption of the Virgin Mary (1762–3) painting by Anton Schmidt in the Music Hall.

During summer, arrive early if you want to avoid crowds; this is a tourist bus hotspot.

The museum closes an hour earlier outside summer.