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Hlavné Námestie

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The nucleus for Bratislava's history, festivals and chic cafe culture is Hlavné nám (Main Sq). There's architectural finery in almost every direction, notably the Stará Radnica (Old Town Hall), a complex of attractive 14th- and 15th-century Gothic buildings, and Palugyayov Palác, a neobaroque former palace.

Roland's Fountain, at the square's heart, is thought to have been built in 1572 as a public water supply. According to legend, its statue bows once a year...visible only to the most good-hearted Bratislavans, of course.

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1. Roland's Fountain

0.01 MILES

Planted in the heart of Bratislava's most storied square, Roland's Fountain is said to have been erected in 1572 to serve as a public water supply. It's…

2. Napoleon's Soldier

0.02 MILES

Napoleon's army besieged Bratislava in 1809. According to local lore, one of his soldiers fell in love with a local girl and stayed in Bratislava. He's…

3. Jesuit Church

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The Jesuit Church of the Holy Saviour, just off Hlavné nám, was built in the 17th century. It's worth peeping inside to see the baroque altar.

4. Schöner Náci

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The only silvery statue in Bratislava's bevy of bronzes, this sculpture commemorates a mid-20th-century local character. Ignác Lamár is remembered for his…

5. Museum of City History

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Rove through Bratislava's past in the former town hall. First, scale the tower for a lookout over Bratislava. Then tour the exhibition rooms; loveliest of…

6. Period Rooms Museum

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Housed in a 1762 building are beautifully restored rooms, dressed in aristocratic styles from the 18th and 19th century. As interesting as the trompe l…

7. Watcher

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Crowds amass around the ground-level Watcher statue, who peeps out from an imaginary manhole on Panská. Originally installed as a joke in 1997, the statue…

8. Michael's Gate & Weapons Museum

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Of Bratislava's original 13th-century walls, Michael's is the last gate standing. Capped with an onion dome, the gate's tower was rebuilt in baroque style…