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Slovakia shines brightest for lovers of the outdoors. The High Tatras are heavenly for walking or winter sports, and national parks like Slovenský Raj sparkle with waterfalls. Castles worthy of a Disney princess perch on hills, and quaint churches speckle the less-discovered east around friendly second city Košice. Within a long weekend in this small country, you can hike or ski epic mountains, blink in astonishment at socialist-era oddities and clink glasses in cellar restaurants.

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Dunajec River Gorge and Niedzica Castle from Krakow

Begin your excursion with a visit to Niedzica Castle (also known as Dunajec Castle), originally built in the 14th century by the Hungarians to protect an important trade route through the Dunajec Valley. The castle towers over a large water reservoir with an impressive dam built in mid 1990s. While visiting the castle you can admire the delightful view over the artificial lake and learn the amazing story of Inca refugees who found shelter here.After your visit of the castle, continue to Sromowce Nizne to board your wooden raft to drift at a leisurely pace along the Dunajec River. The river runs from northern Slovakia to southern Poland and is at its most picturesque passing through Dunajec River Gorge. Your adventure down the winding Dunajec River offers breathtaking views of mighty limestone cliffs plunging into the water and stunning native flora, you may even spot some rare bird species such as the Black Stork. Your highly experienced guide ensures you have a smooth ride, pointing out the sights along the way and teaching you the history of the gorge. Your 2 to 3 hour voyage ends 15 kilometers later in Szczawnica. It is advisable to bring suitable rainwear or a sun hat depending on the weather.

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Bratislava Local Secrets with Picnic and Trolleybus

Forget about generic Bratislava city tours that only go as far as the Old Town, and experience the city the way locals live it. Your guides grew up here and want to show you what most tourists don’t see: local pubs, street art, and crowd-free viewpoints. You’ll also eat and drink some beloved local tastes, so there’s that too. City tour kicks off in the heart of the Old Town, with a traditional welcome: bread with salt and a small shot of Borovička, a local spirit. We’re not messing around! We’ll take a narrow local street up to the Michalská brána tower, which houses a museum of historical weapons and city fortification. It’s also home to a rather epic 360-degree view of the old part of town. From there, we’ll navigate further into the Old Town, checking out its most historic buildings and its most important Gothic monument. In amongst the history we’ll stop for a modern taste: locally brewed PUNK beer. In the pub you’ll get to chat more with your guides and learn about their lives in Bratislava. Your city tour continues through one of the oldest thoroughfares in the city, home to one of the city’s oldest ruins: Esterházy Palace. From there, it’s off to the tranquil atmosphere of St. Martin’s Cathedral, followed in contrast by one of the most controversial squares in Bratislava, where a Jewish synagogue used to stand. From the square you’ll be able to spot our next top in the distance: Bratislava Castle. The way to the castle will be filled with opportunities to take some really cool photos of the city. One viewpoint is so picture-perfect that we’ll stop there for a picnic with a view. Sample local sausages, cheese, and a homemade biscuit-type pastry called pagáče – you can’t get any more local than this!  Bratislava Castle. We’ll stop in the main square for a classic photo op, check out the yard, and then head for the trolley — that's how locals get around Bratislava — en route to Horský Park, a beautiful wooded area and favourite spot for locals to go for a wander. Right next door is a hidden monument from WWI, tucked away in a district of the city popular with diplomats and moneymakers. Opposite the monument is Slavin, the most prominent reminder of WWII in Bratislava. Here, we’ll give you a final cultural lesson — in azbuka (you’ll have to join the tour to figure out what that one is) — before heading to the end. Literally. To end your city tour, we’re taking you to a pub whose name means funeral. But don’t worry, this hyper-local pub only signifies the end of the tour, where you’ll enjoy a local beverage, mingle with your new friends, and set the tone for the rest of your evening.

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Bratislava 1-Hour City Highlights Walking Tour with Guide

Meet your guide at the centrally located Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel to begin your tour, then follow your guide through Primatial Square in Bratislava Old Town. Right away you notice Primatial Palace (Primaciálny Palác), a lovely pink and white structure dominating the square. The palace was built in 1781 with a Classicist-style facade capped with marble statues and a cast iron cardinal’s hat. Learn how Napoleon signed the Peace of Pressburg treaty here in 1805 after his defeat at the Battle of Austerlitz.Next, travel to the heart of the city, to the lively Main Square and see Old Town Hall, the oldest town hall in Slovakia. Listen to your guide talk about how Old Town Hall served as the main marketplace and space for public gatherings, and housed a prison and minting site. Today, the building hosts the Bratislava City Museum, and the outlook from the top of the tower offers panoramic views of Bratislava Old Town. Your guide then leads you to Franciscan Square, a more serene space than the Main Square. Named after the Franciscan church with a monastery, the square is surrounded by historical buildings, but the main landmark is Mirbach Palace, a gorgeous Rococo-styled construction from 1770.Visit Bratislava’s largest church, St Martin's Cathedral, built in the 14th century, and learn how this church once served as the coronation site for the kingdom of Hungary. Your introductory and informative tour also includes visits to several charming Bratislava Old Town streets, where you’ll see more palaces and other historical sites, and also note some quaint vintage shops to perhaps visit later on. Your tour concludes back at the original start point in the early afternoon.

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Bratislava by Night 2-Hour Walking Tour with Local Guide

Meet your guide at the centrally located Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel to begin your tour. Stroll through the charming, cobblestoned streets of Bratislava Old Town toward Bratislava Castle, a gleaming white structure located on a hill. When you reach the top, enjoy the castle grounds as your guide explains the castle’s history dating back to the Stone Age. Then, climb up one of the castle’s four towers and take in amazing views of the city and Danube River.Trek back down the hill, follow your guide through the meandering, narrow streets of Bratislava Old Town and admire the Neo-Renaissance architecture of the 19th century Slovak National Theatre. Your guide explains how drama productions at the theater served an important role in reviving national pride and how today you can see marvelous performances of opera, ballet and drama.Visit more beautiful architecture at Reduta, home of the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra, and learn how Reduta was built in 1915 on what used to be a stone granary in the 18th century. Today, Reduta is a venue for extravagant balls and the annual Bratislava Music Festival.Cross the Danube River and end your tour on a high note by riding an elevator up to the UFO Observation Deck, 312 feet (95 meters) above ground. At the top, take in panoramic views on the open-air platform, where the eastern side gives you a romantic, lit-up view of the city center and the western side rewards you with views of Devin Castle and the river.Enjoy a leisurely drink at the round-shaped restaurant located below the deck (own expense), and note how the city lights have turned Bratislava into a different sight to behold. Your guide will then lead you back to the Radisson Blu Carlton Hotel.

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2 Hour Sightseeing Tour of Bratislava

Meet your local guide at the Slovak National Theater at 10am (weekends) or 2pm (workdays) for a 2-hour tour through Bratislava’s Old Town. Discover the highlights of the historical center and perhaps even learn a bit of the Slovak language.Learn about the strange Man At Work statue decorating a Bratislava sidewalk. Stroll past the elegant neoclassical Primate’s Palace. As you wander past the Old Town Hall and the city’s medieval fortifications, your guide will tell you stories about their significance, enhancing your understanding of the buildings. Admire the Academia Istropolitana, built when Bratislava was part of the Kingdom of Hungary, and the striking St. Martin’s Cathedral.After a whirlwind two hours, you will have a deeper understanding of the history of Bratislava.

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Bratislava Post-Communism Tour

Sites covered during this 2,5-hour tour may vary a bit, but you will see most of these: the first prefabricated apartment block in Czechoslovakia as well as the largest socialist housing project in Europe, Petržalkaabandoned and destroyed industrial objects as symbols of post-industrial transformations, new capitalist developmentscommunist-era architecture (socialist realism, functionalism, brutalism)political objects: Soviet memorial Slavín, diplomatic 1970’s hotel, 1980’s parliament, villas of former communist leadersride under the controversial ufo-like SNP bridge, causing destruction of the Jewish district1930’s Czechoslovak fortification system, bunkers built against the potential Hitler’s invasionformer Iron Curtain area, border between communist Czechoslovakia and AustriaPlease note that in some cases (winter conditions, car repairs etc.) we can not guarantee the retro car, but go with our funky green 1992 VW Caravelle or other post-communist / capitalist car.