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Serbia's third-largest metropolis is a lively city of curious contrasts, where Roma in horse-drawn carriages trot alongside new cars, and posh cocktails are sipped in antiquated alleyways. It's a buzzy kind of place, with a high number of university students, packed-out laneway bars, a happening live-music scene, and pop-up markets and funfairs come summertime.

Niš was settled in pre-Roman times, but hit its peak during the years of the empire. Constantine the Great (AD 280–337) was born here, as were two other Roman emperors, Constantius III and Justin I. Turkish rule lasted from 1386 until 1877, despite several Serb revolts; Ćele Kula (Tower of Skulls) and Niš Fortress are reminders of Ottoman dominion. Niš also suffered during WWII; the Nazis built one of Serbia's most notorious concentration camps here.

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