Vratna Gates

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The remote Negotin region hides one of the country's more dramatic natural phenomena. Three gigantic stone arches – known as Small Gate (Mala kapija), Big Gate (Velika kapija) and Dry Gate (Suva kapija) – were moulded by erosion in the Vratna River canyon; the last one is the most impressive but also the least accessible and recommended for more experienced hikers. Signposted trails (1km to Small and Big Gates, 5km to Dry Gate) lead uphill through the forest from Vratna Monastery.

As the area is a hunting ground for mouflon and deer, hikers have high chances of spotting some of these majestic animals. The monastery is located about 35km from the town of Negotin which is connected with Belgrade by bus (1200RSD, five hours, seven daily). Contact Negotin Tourist Organisation for guided tours.

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