Uvac Canyon

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The Uvac River's spectacular meanders are the highlight of the 75-sq-km Uvac nature reserve in southwestern Serbia. The incredibly green river snakes through steep limestone rock in a zigzag manner – a feat of nature that's best admired from high above, at Molitva or Veliki vrh lookouts. The reserve, which also comprises a 6km-long cave system, owes its protected status to 219 species of plants, 24 types of fish and 130 bird species including the endangered beloglavi sup (griffon vulture).

A number of hiking trails lead around the canyon and past the lookouts, from 2km to 10km, offering plenty of birdwatching opportunities along the way – you can't miss the mighty bird of prey with its 3m wingspan! The 2km-long Ice Cave (with a permanent temperature of 8°C) has several galleries and is rich in ornaments. A boat trip through the canyon with a park ranger includes a tour of the cave and a hike up to a lookout (call to book ahead; the trip with/without a hike takes roughly five/three hours). Wild Serbia offers Uvac kayaking and caving tours.

The easiest way to reach Uvac is with your own wheels.

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