Glasgow Cross


This junction of five roads is a major Glasgow landmark and indicates the end of Merchant City and beginning of the East End. Standing tall is the Tolbooth Steeple, a clocktower that is all that remains of the 17th-century town hall. Near it is the Mercat Cross, which traditionally marked the place that a market could be held by royal decree, represented here by a unicorn.

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1. St Andrew's in the Square

0.11 MILES

This neo-classical Georgian church is quite a sight with its facade of Corinthian columns, tall slender tower and brick-edged windows. The design was…

2. Sharmanka Kinetic Theatre

0.12 MILES

This extraordinary mechanical theatre is located at the Trongate 103 arts centre. Russian sculptor and mechanic Eduard Bersudsky, now resident in Scotland…

3. Hutcheson's Hall

0.26 MILES

This noble Merchant City edifice was built in 1805 as a hospital and a school for the poor with a bequest from the brothers whose statues stand in the…

4. Trades Hall

0.26 MILES

Designed by Robert Adam in 1791 to house the trades guild, this is one of Merchant City's most notable buildings, with its dignified neoclassical facade…

5. Tobacco Exchange

0.28 MILES

The solid Tobacco Exchange flanks pretty Virginia Court. Sugar and tobacco were traded here in the 18th and 19th centuries.

6. City Chambers

0.36 MILES

The grand seat of local government was built in the 1880s at the high point of Glasgow's wealth. The interior is even more extravagant than the exterior,…

7. George Square


Stately George Sq is the civic centre of Glasgow, dominated by the town hall – City Chambers – on the eastern side. The large open space is dignified by…

8. Gallery of Modern Art


This contemporary art gallery features modern works from local and international artists, housed in a graceful neoclassical building. The original…