Mackintosh House

Top choice in Glasgow

Mackintosh House Hunterian Art Gallery, Glasgow, Strathclyde, Scotland.

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Attached to the Hunterian Art Gallery, this is a reconstruction of the first home that Charles Rennie Mackintosh bought with his wife, noted designer/artist Margaret Macdonald. It's fair to say that interior decoration was one of their strong points; Mackintosh House is startling even today. The quiet elegance of the hall and dining room on the ground floor give way to a stunning drawing room and bedroom upstairs. Visits are by guided tour in the morning and self guided in the afternoon.

The visual highlight is the white-as-white drawing room. There's something otherworldly about the very mannered style of the beaten silver panels, the long-backed chairs and the surface decorations echoing Celtic manuscript illuminations. You wouldn't have wanted to be the guest who spilled a glass of red on this carpet.

The house will perhaps become part of the new museum at Kelvin Hall, but likely not until at least 2023.