University of Glasgow


Though founded in 1451, the city's first university has only been located here in the West End since the 1870s. Its imposing sandstone neo-Gothic main building towers over this portion of town from its hilltop position. Elegant quadrangles and whimsical turrets make it worth a visit quite apart from its marvellous Hunterian Museum, art gallery and Mackintosh House.

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Nearby Glasgow attractions

1. Hunterian Museum

0.03 MILES

Housed in the glorious sandstone university building, which is in itself reason enough to pay a visit, this quirky museum contains the collection of…

2. Mackintosh House

0.12 MILES

Attached to the Hunterian Art Gallery, this is a reconstruction of the first home that Charles Rennie Mackintosh bought with his wife, noted designer…

3. Hunterian Art Gallery

0.13 MILES

Across the road from the Hunterian Museum, and part of the same bequest, this art gallery incorporates Mackintosh House as well as a good selection of…

4. Kelvingrove Park

0.19 MILES

On both banks of the meandering River Kelvin, a tributary of the Clyde, this West End park is popular with dog walkers, foot commuters and canoodling…

5. Kelvingrove Art Gallery & Museum


A magnificent sandstone building, this grand Victorian cathedral of culture is a fascinating and unusual museum, with a bewildering variety of exhibits…

6. Kelvin Hall

0.25 MILES

Opened in the 1920s as an exhibition centre, this enormous sandstone palace, renovated and reopened in 2016, is a mixed leisure-and-arts space. In…

7. National Library of Scotland

0.34 MILES

In Kelvin Hall, this outpost of Edinburgh's National Library of Scotland hosts a small exhibition and a digital archive of maps and audiovisual material…

8. Botanic Gardens


A marvellous thing about walking in here is the way the noise of Great Western Rd suddenly recedes into the background. The wooded gardens follow the…