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Medieval Maramureş exists in the Mara and Iza Valleys and eight of their churches are on Unesco’s list of World Heritage sites. Among the best are Deseşti in the former and Poienile Izei in the latter, not just for their architecture but for their well-preserved interior wall paintings.

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$921.37 Multi-day & Extended Tours

8 Day Classic Romania tour with Transylvania and Maramures

Day 1Welcome to Romania! We will pick you up from the airport and transfer you to the hotel, where you will check in. Your experience in Romania starts with a city tour of Bucharest. Day 2In the morning, we will take a trip to two of Romania’s most important religious settlements, Curtea de Arges Monastery and Cozia Monastery. We will then leave for Sibiu, where we will take a city tour and discover its most important touristic attractions. Day 3Our day begins with a trip to Sibiel, the rural replica of Sibiu. Here, you will take a ride in a horse-drawn carriage, and you will get to experience the local life. We will then visit Alba Iulia, a city which is home to Romania’s largest fortification, the Alba Carolina Fortress. Next, we will visit the Turda Salt Mine, the most spectacular underground theme park in the world, carved in a salt mine with hundreds of meters of galleries. Our journey takes us to Cluj-Napoca, where we will spend the night. Day 4On the fourth day, we will take a city tour of Cluj-Napoca, a city dominated by Baroque architecture. We will then head North-West to Maramures, an „open-air museum”. We will start exploring this beautiful region in Breb, a village whose traditional houses and wooden church is included in the UNESCO Patrimony. Afterwards, we will visit the Merry Cemetery, and we will enjoy a traditional Romanian dinner and a folkloric show in Săpânța. Day 5Today we will continue exploring Maramureș with a visit to two of its Wooden Churches included in the UNESCO Patrimony: Poienile Izei and Bârsana. After our visit, we will enjoy some delicious local products before heading back to Transylvania. Day 6In the morning, we will head to the Bierțan Fortified Church, one of Transylvania’s most remarkable monastic settlements. Our tour continues with a visit to Sighișoara, the only medieval fortress within the UNESCO Patrimony that is still inhabited. Our day will end with a visit to the traditional villages of Saschiz and Viscri. Day 7The 7th day of our tour begins in the medieval city of Brașov, where we will visit its most popular attractions: The Black Church, the Rope Street, and the Council Square. We will then head to Bran in search of Dracula, at Bran Castle. In the second part of the day we will head for Azuga for a wine tasting session, and our day will end with a tour of the royal Peles Castle in Sinaia. Day 8Departure.

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7-Days Transylvania & Wooden Churches of Maramures from Bucharest

Day 1: Bucharest–Curtea de arges–Sibiu (B)Set out in the morning towards Transylvania region. On your way will stop at Curtea de Arges Monastery. If the weather allows it make your way towards Sibiu city through Transfagarasan Road. Reach in the afternoon in Sibiu where you will do a walking tour of this magical city. Please note that between the period of June-October Transfgarasan Road is open. If the Transfagarasan Road is closed the alternative route of Olt Valley River Road will be used. Overnight in Sibiu. Day 2: Sibiu–Alba-Iulia–Corvin castle–Breb Village(B)After breakfast set out for Alba Iulia city to visit a well preserved town.After Alba Iulia head for the medieval Corvin Castle, one of the most emblematic castle for this region. Reach in the afternoon the region of Maramures in Breb Village. Have a traditional Wooden House for the accommodation.Enjoy a traditional dinner.Overnight in Breb Village.Day 3: Maramures excursion (B)After breakfast set out in the morning for your Maramures excursion. You will first go at the local whirpool to see how the locals where washing their clothes and rugs.Head for the Wood Carventer, one of the few craftsmen of the area that will offer an idea of how wood carventing is done in Maramures.Reach Dragomiresti Museum and do not forget to also pass at Ieud wooden church.End your day at the Merry Cemetery.Enjoy a traditional dinner.Overnight in Breb Village.Day 4: Breb-Sighisoara(B)Set out in the morning from your accommodation from Maramures and head back to Transylvania.Discover a fairytale town that still holds that medieval air of the place. Tour the Old Town and see the Clock Tower, Scholars Stair and Church on the Hill.Overnight in Sighisoara.Day 5: Sighisoara–Biertan–Brasov(B)This is more of a leisure day as you are going to travel from Sighisoara to Brasov. On the way you will first stop at Biertan Fortified Church and then head for Brasov where you will be enjoying a walking tour of the city to find out the history of this place.In the evening enjoy time at leisure.Overnight in Brasov.Day 6: Brasov–Prejmer–Rasnov–Brasov(B)Enjoy your warm breakfast in the morning and then set out for Prejmer fortified church. Later on head for Rasnov Citadel to discover a well preserved citadel upon a hill. Overnight in Brasov.Day 7: Brasov – Bran – Peles – Bucharest(B)In the morning you will head for Bran castle aka Dracula’s castle to discover this medieval castle. Tour the inside and find out the connection with the vampires.Reach the Peles Palace in Sinaia where you are going to visit the inside.In the afternoon reach Bucharest.End of service.

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6-Day Classic Northern Heritage Tour from Cluj

Day 1 | Welcome to Cluj-Napoca! Your tour guide will pick you up from the airport, and throughout the city tour you will visit some of the best landmarks in Cluj, such as St. Michael’s Church, the Banffy Palace and its Museum of Arts, the Mirror Street, and the Cluj-Napoca Botanical Garden. Day 2 | On your second day you will start discovering the beautiful region of Maramureş with the Wooden Church from Surdesti. A narrow road will then lead us to Breb, where you will discover the famous wooden gates of Maramures, carefully carved and decorated by local craftsmen. We will then take a walk through the quiet streets of the village, meet some of the locals that preserved the local crafts for hundreds of years, and enjoy lunch in a traditional household. Next, we will be heading to the Memorial of the Victims of Communism, where we will get acquainted with the dark side of the Romanian communist regime. Our last destination for the day is one of the most famous cemeteries in the world, the Merry Cemetery of Sapanta. Craftsman and artist Dumitru Pop, internationally renowned for his work, will introduce us to the Romanian art of wood carving.Day 3 | How about a chance to discover the scenic landscape of northern Romania on a delightful ride with a small steam train called the shepherdess? The steam locomotive pulls the train along the banks of a mountain river, through an untamed landscape, where there are no hints of modern life. Next, your day tour continues with a visit two of the famous Wooden Churches of Maramures: Ieud and Poienile Izei. You will spend the afternoon at one of the most famous sculptors in Maramures and visit the workshop where Mr. Barsan breathes life into his work. We will then head to the last landmark for the day, the Barsana Monastery. At night, we will enjoy a dinner with folkloric show in Sighetu Marmatiei.Day 4 | Our journey around northern Romania continues with a trip to Bukovina. Here, you’ll find out more about the local traditions of Romania and you’ll discover one of Romania's national heritage sites, the Painted Monasteries of Bukovina. On your first day in Bukovina, you will visit the Moldovita Monastery, included on UNESCO’s list of World Heritage Sites in 1993.Day 5 | The first visit of the day will be at the Sucevita Monastery. Not far from Sucevita is the only place in Europe and the second in the world where black pottery is produced, the Marginea Black Pottery Workshop. Your guided tour continues with a visit to Romania’s most renowned monastery: Voronet. Your painted monasteries tour will then come to an end, and we will drive to Gura Humorului, where we will have the chance to visit one of the best craftsmen in the production of traditional clothing from Bukovina. Day 6 | Departure to Cluj.

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Maramures 2-Day Cultural Experience from Cluj

You will be picked up from your hotel by our guide and you will drive north, towards Maramures, a land whose existence can be traced back to 1199. There, we will step through a beautiful hand-carved wooden door to enter Breb, a village created by skilled carpenters, where every wooden carving has an important cultural or historical significance. Here we will enjoy a delicious Romanian lunch and spend the night in a traditional house. The best place to discover the traditions of Maramures is in the homes of the locals. They are the cornerstone around which family, customs, and traditions revolve. Here, you will witness several crafting activities such as wood carving and have a taste of the famous traditional drink, palinca, while having a chat with the locals. After discovering the dark humor of the Merry Cemetery, we will get a look at the spiritual side of Maramures and we will visit some of the most interesting monasteries and churches in the region, such as the famous wooden churches, hand-carved by local craftsmen. We will also take a trip to the Whirlpools of Maramures, the most ingenious natural washing machine in the world, where to this day women wash their woolen rugs. In order to end the tour properly, we will take some time to admire the stunning landscapes and untouched nature of the land. Strambu Baiut is the last virgin secular forest in Maramures, and one of the few left in Europe. The forest is untouched by humans and the trees that die there fall to the ground and feed the earth for the next generations. The forest houses over 10.000 species of plants and animals, including brown bears, wolves, deer and trees that are hundreds of years old.

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14 Days Private Tour of Romania Tour from Bucharest

DAY 1 - Your guide will be waiting for you at the airport, and will take you to the hotel. Depending your arrival time, start visiting Bucharest. In addition to the pedestrian tour in the historical center, visit Palace of the Parliament and Village Museum. Overnight in Bucharest DAY 2  (B) - After breakfast, depart to Brasov Medieval Town. On the way, stop in Sinaia for the former summer royal residence: Peles Castle, one of the most beautiful castles from Europe. In the afternoon, reach Brasov and  visit the Old City. Overnight in BrasovDay 3 (B) - More of Transylvania for Sighisoara Citadel – Unesco World Heritage. On the way, stop in Viscri Village for the Fortified Church. Overnight in Sighisoara Day 4 (B) - Continue towards Sibiu and  explore Malancrav and Biertan Saxon Villages with their Old Fortified Churches. Reach Sibiu and visit the Old City. Overnight in Sibiu Day 5 (B) - All day enjoying Sibiu plus Medieval Corvin Castle.Overnight in Sibiu Day 6, Day 7, Day 8 (B and D for the 3 days)  - From Sibiu, we'll drive towards superb area of Maramures. We'll stop on the way for the impressive Turda Salt Mine. In the evening, we'll arrive in traditional village of Breb in Maramures. Have a traditional Wooden House with old furniture for the accommodation and you'll enjoy traditional meals prepared by locals. While in Maramures, we'll visit Wooden Churches from Budesti, Desesti, Ieud and Barsana. Learn a perspective over the ancient ways of doing things by visiting the Watter Mill in Sarbi Village. Also, Merry Cemetery from Sapanta and Anti-communism fighters Memorial in Sighet will be on our program. One of the days, we'll take Mocanita Steam Train for a ride through forests, valleys, remote villages. 3 nights in Breb Village in Naramures (half board included) Day 9 (B) - From Maramures, drive to Bucovina in Northeast of Romania. On our way, we'll stop for Moldovita Painted Monastery – Unesco World Heritage. Arrive in Gura Humorului for the accommodation. Overnight in Gura Humorului Day 10 (B) - In the morning, visit another 2 Painted Monasteries: Voronet and Humor, listed in Unesco World Heritage. After this, head to Iasi. Overnight in Iasi Day 11 (L and D) - From Iasi  move towards Danube River in the south-east of Romania. From Tulcea, transfer to Crisan Village in the Danube Delta. In the evening, admire the sunset from a boat on one of the lakes there.Overnight in Crisan Village Day 12 (B, L, D) - All day is dedicated to exploring the amazing Danube Delta. Take a boat ride to admire narrow channels, wildlife, birds, animals and remote villages. Overnight in Crisan VillageDay 13 (B) - In the morning, transfer to Tulcea and from there we'll start our drive back to Bucharest. Overnight in Bucharest Day 14 (B) - Transfer to the Airport.

$1310.10 Cultural & Theme Tours

Maramures to Ukraine to the Republic of Moldova to Moldavia

Day 1. Transfer to your accommodation (4 star hotel)Day 2. 08.30AM BAIA MARE – Surdesti wooden church (built in 1766, it was the tallest wooden church in Europe with its steeple of 54 m and a total height of 72 m until a few years back when the new 78 m tall church of the monastery of Peri in Săpânţa was built; the church is included in the UNESCO World Heritage List) - Barsana Monastery (the largest monastery in Maramures, with a fantastic local architecture) - Ieud wooden Church (the oldest church in Maramures, built in 1364) - Bogdan Voda wooden Church (built in 1718, the church is one of the most renowned ones in the region, due also to its central position in the valley of Iza, at a crossroads; unlike most other churches, which stand on hilltops, the church of St. Nicholas lies in the middle of the village) - Sapanta Merry Cemetery (it is famous for its colourful tombstones with naïve paintings describing, in an original and poetic manner, the persons who are buried there as well as scenes from their lives) - Sighetul Marmatiei (accommodation in a 3 star hotel or local guesthouse)Day 3. SIGHETU MARMATIEI (border crossing) - Zakarpatia Mountains (the Ukrainian Carpathians) - Kolomeea (here we shall visit the Painted Eggs Museum & the Etnographical Museum dedicated to the Hutzul ethnic group) - Chernivtsi (night walking tour on Olga Kobileanskaya Street and accommodation in a 3-4 star hotel in the city center).Day 4. After visiting the famous University of Chernivtsi (UNESCO-listed), we shall travel on to Moldova and Chisinau. On the way we shall stop to enjoy the great Citadel of Soroca built by Moldavian ruler Stefan cel Mare (1457-1504). Accommodation in Chisinau (4 star hotel).Day 5. The Moldovan wine is famous all over the world, that’s why today we shall visit the largest wine cellar in the world: CRICOVA WINE CELLAR. Wine tasting included. After this interesting sight we shall visit the Cave Monastery of Orheiul Vechi and the great monastery of Capriana built by Stephan the Great and then we shall cross the border into Romania to the city of Iasi (a beautiful heritage town).Day 6. Today we shall transfer you to the railway station/airport for your next destination.Included services: ESG for the all program; One night accommodation in 4 star hotel in Baia Mare; one night accommodation in Sighetu Marmatiei (hotel or guesthouse); one night 3-4 star hotel accommodation in Chernivtsi (Ukraine); one night 4 star accommodation in Chisinau (the Republic of Moldova); one night 4 star accommodation in Iasi; HB (breakfast & dinner) basis for all tour; admission fees to all sights mentioned in the program; water during the excursion (1/2 L per person/day).Hotels:Sighetu Marmatiei: Casa Iurca de Calinesti Hotel (4 stars) or local guesthouseBaia Mare: Hotel Carpati (4 stars)Chernivtsi: Allure Inn 4 stars hotel or Magnat Lux 3 starsChisinau: Manhattan 4 stars hotelIasi: Ramada 4 stars hotel