Rusałka Beach


There's a great view of the Old Town skyline from this popular beach on the east bank of the Vistula, close by the zoo. Several cafe-bars set up on the sand for the spring to autumn season. In the warmer months you can also catch a free ferry from here across to the Multimedia Fountain Park.

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Nearby Warsaw attractions

1. Warsaw Zoological Gardens


Established in 1928, this well-managed zoo is home to some 3000 animals representing 500 species from across the world, including bears, wolves,…

2. Żabińskis' Villa

0.24 MILES

The incredible true life story of how zoo director Jan Żabiński and his wife Antonia helped save over 70 Jews during WWII has become famous through the…

3. Multimedia Fountain Park

0.34 MILES

Arrive early to grab a good spot from which to view the impressive multimedia sound, light and water fountain shows at this riverside park. From mid-May…

4. Park Praski

0.35 MILES

Created in the late 19th century, this attractively laid-out park includes quirky contemporary sculptures such as the giant metal Giraffe by Władysław…

5. Heritage Interpretation Centre

0.38 MILES

At the end of WWII the Old Town was mostly piles of rubble. To gain a full appreciation of the mammoth and heroic effort needed to reconstruct the…

6. Mosaic House

0.39 MILES

Covering much of the end of the tenement building, this striking ceramic-tile mosaic, designed in 1956 by Zofia Czarnocka-Kowalska, combines classical…

7. Adam Mickiewicz Museum of Literature


Occupying two historic tenement buildings in the Old Town Sq, this museum does a good job of covering the life and times of Poland's national poet Adam…

8. Marie Skłodowska-Curie Monument

0.41 MILES

A contemporary statue of the Nobel Prize–winning and Warsaw-born scientist overlooks the Vistula, a river she described as 'so enchanting, that I cannot…