Multimedia Fountain Park


Arrive early to grab a good spot from which to view the impressive multimedia sound, light and water fountain shows at this riverside park. From mid-May to mid-August the shows start at 9.30pm, at other times 9pm – although it's best to check online as they are weather dependent.

There are also shorter, winter light shows held Friday to Sunday at 4pm, 5pm and 6pm from early December until the end of January.

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1. Marie Skłodowska-Curie Monument

0.07 MILES

A contemporary statue of the Nobel Prize–winning and Warsaw-born scientist overlooks the Vistula, a river she described as 'so enchanting, that I cannot…

2. St Mary's Church

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Originally consecrated in 1411, St Mary's is one of Warsaw's few surviving examples of Gothic architecture. Over the centuries it has been demolished and…

3. St Kazimierz Church

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Attached to a monastery of Benedictine nuns, this interesting 17th-century church is the work of prominent architect Tylman van Gameren. It has a fine…

4. Mosaic House

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Covering much of the end of the tenement building, this striking ceramic-tile mosaic, designed in 1956 by Zofia Czarnocka-Kowalska, combines classical…

5. Marie Skłodowska-Curie Museum

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The first woman to win the Nobel Prize, Marie Curie was born in this building in 1867 and lived here for her first 19 years. It is now a small museum…

6. St Hyacinth's Church

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7. Barbican

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The red-brick Barbican, a semicircular defensive tower topped with a decorative Renaissance parapet, is part of the medieval fortifications surrounding…

8. Adam Mickiewicz Museum of Literature

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Occupying two historic tenement buildings in the Old Town Sq, this museum does a good job of covering the life and times of Poland's national poet Adam…