Warsaw City Hall


This grand neoclassical structure, designed by Antonio Corazzi in the 1820s, lends Plac Bankowy some architectural heft. It houses the city administration, the mayor's office and offices of the province of Mazovia.

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1. Museum of the John Paul II Collection

0.09 MILES

This impressive art collection was donated to the Catholic Church by the Carrol-Porczyński family and includes works by Rembrandt, Velasquez, Constable,…

2. Jewish Historical Institute


Just behind a blue skyscraper (which stands on the location of the Great Synagogue destroyed by the Germans), JHI houses a library and exhibitions related…

3. Vodka Museum

0.26 MILES

This small but attractive museum, hiding in a courtyard off the street, comprises mostly glass cases displaying a beautiful collection of old vodka…

4. Esperanto Mural

0.32 MILES

Dr Ludovic Lazarus Zamenhof (1859–1917) spoke around a dozen languages before inventing the international language of Esperanto in 1887. He lived in…

5. Saxon Garden

0.35 MILES

Covering 15.5 hectares, this splendid garden, founded in the late 17th century, became Warsaw’s first public park in 1727. Initially modelled on…

6. Bohdan Lachert Mural

0.41 MILES

This 2012 mural by Anna Koźbiel and Adam Walas commemorates the modernist architect Bohdan Lachert (1900–87), who designed part of Muranów in the 1950s…

7. Krasiński Palace & Garden

0.43 MILES

A meticulous replica, following its destruction by the Germans in WWII, this baroque palace was originally completed in 1683 for the nobleman Jan…

8. Tomb of the Unknown Soldier

0.45 MILES

Dedicated to the unknown soldiers who have given their lives for Poland, this military memorial occupies the last remnant of the Saxon Palace that stood…