Warsaw Rising Museum

Top choice museum in Muranów, Mirów & Powązki

Image by Zoonar RF Getty Images

One of Warsaw's best, this museum traces the history of the city's heroic but doomed uprising against the German occupation in 1944 via three levels of interactive displays, photographs, film archives and personal accounts. The volume of material is overwhelming, but the museum does an excellent job of instilling a sense of the desperation residents felt in deciding to oppose the occupation by force, and of illustrating the dark consequences, including the Germans' destruction of the city in the aftermath.

The ground floor begins with the division of Poland between Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union in 1939 and moves through the major events of WWII. A lift then takes you to the 2nd floor and the start of the uprising in 1944. The largest exhibit, a life-size reproduction of the Liberator aircraft that was used to drop supplies for insurgents, fills much of the 1st floor.