Diocesan Museum

Carpathian Mountains

Housed in a handsome 16th-century tenement behind Tarnów Cathedral, this well-curated museum dates to 1888, and now comprises five distinct rooms: a collection of folk paintings on glass, one of medieval sacral art, one of folk art, another of liturgical regalia and finally a re-creation of a bourgeois salon.

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1. Tarnów Cathedral

0.02 MILES

Tarnów's cathedral dates in part from the 14th century, but was remodelled at the end of the 19th century in neo-Gothic style. The interior shelters…

2. Tarnów Regional Museum

0.07 MILES

Two 16th-century townhouses on the central square comprise the main regional museum, largely used for rotating exhibitions. The main part of the small…

3. Town Hall

0.09 MILES

Tarnów's arresting Gothic city hall, which draws all eyes in the Rynek, dates in its earliest parts to the 15th century. Given a later Renaissance…

4. Former Synagogue

0.14 MILES

The Germans' almost complete destruction of Tarnów's synagogue, once the focus of spiritual life for the 25,000 Jews who lived here, is only more…

5. Ethnographic Museum

0.22 MILES

This branch of the city’s regional museum has Europe’s only permanent collection relating to Roma culture. In the backyard there's an open-air exhibition…

6. Church of Our Lady

0.31 MILES

The shingled Church of Our Lady, built by peasants in the mid-15th century, has charming folk decorations inside and a fine rococo high altar. Note the…

7. Jewish Cemetery

0.59 MILES

This former Jewish burial ground, the largest of its kind in southern Poland, lies 1km north of the centre. The cemetery dates from the 16th century and…

8. Church of the Holy Trinity


About 1km south of the Rynek, along ul Tuchowska, lies the weathered timber Church of the Holy Trinity, built from 1597. It has a naive, charming rustic…