Houses of the Przybyła Brothers


The massively restored two adjoining Houses of the Przybyła Brothers, built in 1615 by brothers Mikołaj and Krzysztof, feature rich Renaissance, mannerist facades. Decorations on the restored facade depict the brothers’ patron saints, St Nicholas (guardian of traders) and St Christopher (guardian of travellers).

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1. Gdańsk House

0.03 MILES

The baroque-style Gdańsk House, dating from 1795, is one of the most architecturally important buildings on the city's main square.

2. Vistula River Museum

0.04 MILES

The main branch of the museum has a great model showing how Kazimierz Dolny looked in 1910. There's a good bookstore with local history and art books…

3. House of the Celej Family

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This 1635 townhouse built for the Celej family is a branch of the Vistula River Museum. The focus is on art and several rooms on the upper floor are…

4. Parish Church


The Gothic parish church presiding over the Rynek was built in the mid-14th century, and remodelled when Renaissance styles swept Poland in the 16th…

5. Hill of Three Crosses

0.17 MILES

Uphill from the parish church, a path to the right leads to the Hill of Three Crosses, where the namesake crosses stand to commemorate victims of the…

6. Castle

0.18 MILES

Above the parish church along ul Zamkowa is what's left of Kazimierz Dolny’s castle. Originally built in 1341 as a stronghold against the Tatar incursion,…

7. Watchtower

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The watchtower, 100m uphill from the castle, dates from the end of the 13th century and is one of the oldest defensive structures of its kind in the…

8. Natural History Museum

0.55 MILES

Another branch of the Vistula River Museum, the natural history museum is housed near the river in a massive 1591 granary. Due to reopen in 2019 after…