Carpathian Mountains

The tallest structure in town, Biecz's 58-metre-high town-hall tower offers commanding views of the Ropa Valley and Carpathian Foothills. Built between 1569 and 1581 to replace a derelict predecessor, its bulbous cap is a 20th-century reconstruction. The original Renaissance decoration and an unusual 24-hour clock face on its eastern side have been restored, and beneath lies the 'Turma', a dungeon graffitied by forlorn occupants of bygone years.

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1. Kromer Townhouse

0.08 MILES

The Kromer Townhouse, a second branch of the Biecz Regional Museum, occupies a 16th-century tenement house 100m west of the Rynek and directly in front of…

2. Corpus Christi Parish Church


Biecz's monumental Gothic parish church, rearing skywards in red brick, dates in its earliest parts to the 15th century and testifies to the Renaissance…

3. House with a Tower

0.11 MILES

This branch of the Biecz Regional Museum occupies what's called the 'House with a Tower', a 16th-century dwelling attached to a stout tower. Take a peek…

4. Museum of the Oil & Gas Industry

21.95 MILES

Bóbrka, 17km southwest of Krosno, is the cradle of the Polish oil industry. It was here in 1854 that the world’s first oil well was sunk by Ignacy…

5. Church of the Holy Trinity

22.23 MILES

About 1km south of the Rynek, along ul Tuchowska, lies the weathered timber Church of the Holy Trinity, built from 1597. It has a naive, charming rustic…

6. Church of Our Lady

22.5 MILES

The shingled Church of Our Lady, built by peasants in the mid-15th century, has charming folk decorations inside and a fine rococo high altar. Note the…

7. Town Hall

22.71 MILES

Tarnów's arresting Gothic city hall, which draws all eyes in the Rynek, dates in its earliest parts to the 15th century. Given a later Renaissance…

8. Tarnów Regional Museum

22.72 MILES

Two 16th-century townhouses on the central square comprise the main regional museum, largely used for rotating exhibitions. The main part of the small…