Main Pump Room

Spring in Krynica

This modern structure on the main promenade (ul Nowotarskiego) looks more like a retro-futuristic airport terminal than a spa colonnade. Still, it’s the main game in town when it comes to taking the cure. Select from a menu of eight different mineral springs, with each spring purporting to cure a different ailment. The website has a list of the springs in English. Sip from a plastic cup or buy a ceramic tankard with a porcelain straw for 12.50zł.

You can choose from a number of different waters and displays list the chemical composition of each. By far the heaviest is Zuber, which has over 21g of soluble solid components per litre – a record for all liquids of that type in Europe. It’s a sulphurous brew that won’t be to everyone’s taste. Local practice is to drink the water slowly while walking up and down the promenade.