Main Pump Room

Spring in Krynica

This modern structure on the main promenade looks more like a retro-futuristic airport terminal than a spa colonnade. But behind the plate-glass and hothoused greenery you'll find the town's main dispensary of healing waters. Select from a menu of eight different mineral springs, each purporting to cure a different ailment. It also doubles as a cultural space, with a 350-seat concert hall.

You can choose from a number of different waters and displays list the chemical composition of each. By far the heaviest is Zuber, which has more than 21g of soluble solid components per litre – a record for all liquids of that type in Europe. It’s a sulphurous brew that won’t be to everyone’s taste, and the claim is it 'relieves unpleasant symptoms of alcohol abuse'. Local practice is to drink the water slowly while walking up and down the promenade.