Cathedral of St Catherine of Alexandria


The city's and region's main Catholic church; the impressive facade mostly dates to 1936.

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Nearby Dumaguete attractions

1. Bell Tower

0.05 MILES

An imposing landmark, this coral-stone tower was built between 1754–76, with the top layer or campanario (the part with the bell) added in 1867. Locals…

2. Rizal Boulevard

0.26 MILES

While Filipino cities aren't generally known for their beauty or charm, Dumaguete's waterfront promenade along Rizal Blvd is an exception to the rule…

4. Centrop

1.03 MILES

Opposite the hospital is this small zoo and research centre housing 16 species of indigenous mammals, reptiles and birds, including the critically…

5. Cata-al War Memorabilia Museum

4.35 MILES

Homespun and eccentric, a reflection of the museum's owner, this collection of WWII-era relics is housed in a private residence on the outskirts of town…

6. Casaroro Falls

7.75 MILES

These glorious 30m-high falls, 4km from Valencia, are most refreshing after the challenging trek to reach them. After climbing down the 335 steps, the…

7. Pulangbato Falls


The water flowing away and around the edges of the pool at the base of the falls is coloured red from the river's rocks. It's a developed site with a…

8. Baslay Hot Springs


The sulphur Baslay hot springs are accessed along a bumpy road 10km off the main highway, best accessed by motorcycle or habal-habal (motorcycle taxi).