GK Enchanted Farm

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Hidden away a 1½-hour drive north of Quezon City, this small, volunteer-run farm is attempting to alleviate poverty by fostering young local entrepreneurs in impoverished communities. It's possible to visit on a day tour or spend the night. On a day tour you'll see a range of demonstrations and observe what it's doing in terms of permaculture, eco-design etc.

Check the farm's website for directions on how to get here; it involves catching a bus from Cubao followed by a jeepney connection.

For overnighters, accommodation (dorm beds P800, double rooms P2500 to P3500) is in comfortable lodgings and there is an infinity pool you can laze around. Or you can stay nearby at the pleasant Oasis Boutique Hotel; Oasis guests have access to the GK swimming pool.

Volunteers are of different backgrounds and offer various skills and ideas. New volunteers are welcome, but it's preferable to have concrete ideas on ways to contribute.

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