Chinese Cemetery in Manila, Philippines.

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Chinese Cemetery

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As in life, so it is in death for Manila’s wealthy Chinese citizens, who are buried with every modern convenience in the huge Chinese Cemetery. It's far from your ordinary cemetery and instead feels like a residential suburb with streets lined with mausoleums – some of which feature crystal chandeliers, air-con, hot and cold running water, kitchens and flushing toilets (in case the interred are caught short on the way to paradise).

Hire a bicycle (per hour P100) to get around the sprawling grounds and consider hiring a guide for access to the best tombs. Tour guide Ivan Man Dy of Old Manila Walks does an excellent Chinese Cemetery tour.

To get here take the LRT to Abad Santos then walk or take a tricycle (P25) to the south entrance. While you're out this way, you can also visit the offbeat North Cemetery.

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