The best-preserved Ibaloi mummies are found in the Timbac Caves. Located about 1200m above Kabayan proper, these are Kabayan’s most sacred caves, and locals customarily make offerings of gin before entering them.

The most rewarding and culturally sensitive way to experience the unique folkways of the Cordillera is to hike from Kabayan with a guide. It's a strenuous, beautiful four- to six-hour hike that follows the 4WD track (though your guide will take a steep shortcut through the rice terraces).

When you reach the caves themselves, your guide will get the key from the caretaker who lives above the caves and then open the coffins to let you see the mummified mortal remains. The mummies, ranging from adult to small child, are entombed in the traditional foetal position and the sight is vaguely unsettling.

Some travellers bypass the Kabayan hike by taking a Baguio–Sagada bus, getting off at the signposted turn-off for the Timbac Caves and walking 3.5km along the paved road. This is an easier way, but by going without a guide, you risk offending local sensibilities and there's no guarantee that the caretaker will be in.