BenCab Museum

Top choice in Baguio

This superb museum dedicated to the life, times and work of artist Benedicto Reyes Cabrera (BenCab) is as fascinating as the man himself. The gallery is a mix of high glass panes that slant light into modern art colonnades offset by walls of traditional animist wood carvings, bulol (sacred wood figures), psychedelic works by Leonard Aguinaldo and ceremonial hagabi (carved wooden benches).

Asin Rd jeepneys get you here from Abanao St near City Hall or a taxi costs P150. To visit is to experience Filipino crafts and modern art displayed in tandem, in a space that evokes ultramodernism while being partly modelled after a traditional rice terrace. Plus, there's a wonderfully saucy erotic art section downstairs and a great little cafe overlooking actual rice terraces.

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