Camp John Hay


A Japanese internment camp for Allied prisoners of war in WWII, and then a US military rest-and-recreation facility, 246-hectare Camp John Hay has been reinvented as a mountain resort with restaurants, hotels, shops, a fantastic golf course and a handful of scattered sights sprinkled amid rolling hills and stands of Benguet pines.

The Historical Core, with the attractively landscaped Bell Amphitheatre and some walking trails, incorporates the site where General Yamashita surrendered to the Americans; Tree Top Adventure zipline; and the Cemetery of Negativism (open 9am to 5pm), a twee but entertaining graveyard that's supposed to boost your positive thinking. There’s also a nice panorama from the Mile High viewpoint.

Camp John Hay is very spread out, and jeepneys are not allowed in, so your best bet is to commandeer a taxi.

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