Freedom Theatre

Top choice in West Bank

Set in Jenin's refugee camp, the Freedom Theatre has persevered in the face of unimaginable odds, including the assassination of its founder, Juliano Mar Khamis, by masked gunmen in 2011. Palestinian filmmakers, actors and directors who worked in the theatre since it was established have also had to put up with significant Israeli restrictions on movement. Despite this, the theatre holds regular performances and visitors are always warmly received. Drop them an email to let them know you are coming.

As well as performances, which are publicised on the website, the theatre holds photography exhibitions and filmmaking workshops. Plans are afoot to launch a theatre school for Palestinian children in 2018. They are often looking for volunteers.

The Freedom Theatre, Jenin's main 'sight' since the demolition of the Jenin Cinema, is a 25-minute walk south of Jerusalem Sq.