Jebel Harim

The mountain scenery surrounding Musandam Peninsula's highest peak, Jebel Harim (Mountain of Women), is very striking, with strong striations in the rock face and spectacular vistas across the arid landscape. In spring, the scenery softens as a tinge of green touches the mountainside and delicate blooms such as wild geraniums and miniature iris contrast with the rugged backdrop. The mountain can be accessed from Khasab via a graded road (4WD only), which switchbacks through limestone formations until it reaches the Sayh plateau, a startling patchwork of fields and grazing donkeys surrounded by stone settlements. The road climbs a further 8km to a pass below the telecommunications tower (off limits to the public) that marks the top of the mountain. The pass can also be reached from Wadi Bih, shared by Oman and the UAE. The whole area makes for a spectacular off-road day trip.


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