Barka Market


This traditional market is a fascinating place to stand on the sidelines and watch. Giant tuna are lugged across the fish slabs of the open-air premises, while bundles of vegetation are carried aloft on the heads of farmers as livestock are ushered in and out of the thronging crowds.

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1. Barka Fort

0.07 MILES

With its unusual octagonal tower and a location fending off incursions from the sea, Barka Fort cuts a dash along Barka's busy coastline, flanked by…

2. Bayt Nua’man

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This multistorey, imposing merchant house from the 18th century sports a fine archway and a pair of unique, quirky turrets and is protected by high mud…

3. Watchtower

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This tiny watchtower, crowning Jebel Add – the rocky promontory on Al Sawadi's largest island – would once have been on alert for potential invaders. Now…

4. Al Sawadi Beach


Many Omani families from Muscat head to the twin beaches of Al Sawadi at the weekend, throwing up canopies among the tamarisk trees and barbecuing enough…

5. Naseem Park

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Off the main Muscat–Sohar Hwy, this large formal park has mowed lawns trimmed with flower beds and is shaded by mature trees. It makes a pleasant retreat…

6. Damaniyat Islands

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7. Seeb Corniche

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This 2km corniche, to the west of Seeb, has a landscaped area for walking, enjoying sea views, sniffing drying sardines and watching the fishermen mending…

8. Al Ghasham Museum House

18.22 MILES

This fortified residence has hosted royalty on two occasions in its 300-year history. Now the sensitively restored, mud-brick house has been converted…