Wadi Mistal


Less wadi and more an extension of the Batinah Plain, Wadi Mistal leads through a narrow gap in the mountains to an enormous desert basin. Dotted with acacia and grazed by goats, this basin is bisected by a good paved road that offers spectacular mountain views along its entire length. It makes an ideal spot for a picnic.

At the end of the road, a steep off-road track (4WD only) leads up to the tiny village of Wakan and the popular Walking Route 25.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Oman attractions

1. Al Awabi Castle

9.72 MILES

Functioning less as a sight in its own right, picturesque though it may be, this fort as an excellent landmark for the slightly obscure entrance into Wadi…

2. Petroglyphs

10.16 MILES

At the first bend in the road that leads through Wadi Bani Kharus from the village of Al Awabi, there's a great slab of smooth pale-grey rock on the…

3. Ain Al Thawarah

10.17 MILES

Beyond the date plantations that surround Nakhal Fort, this hot spring emerges from the wadi walls and is directed into a falaj (immigration channel) for…

4. Plantations

10.25 MILES

The road through Nakhal, from the fort to Ayn Thawarah hot springs, winds through a dense plantation of dates. Enough light passes through the feathery…

5. Nakhal Fort

10.41 MILES

Built on the foundations of a pre-Islamic structure, the towers and entrance of this fort were constructed during the reign of Imam Said Bin Sultan in…

6. Wadi Bani Kharus

10.55 MILES

Famed for its geological interest, this dramatic wadi has only recently become readily accessible to visitors with the construction of a paved road along…

7. Harrat Asfalah

11.02 MILES

An old mosque lies at the heart of this crumbling fortification. Visitors are allowed (with shoes removed) to step into the outer are of the mosque where…

8. Al Ghasham Museum House

11.09 MILES

This fortified residence has hosted royalty on two occasions in its 300-year history. Now the sensitively restored, mud-brick house has been converted…