Must see attractions in Lake Ohrid

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    Sveti Naum Monastery

    Sveti Naum, 29km south of Ohrid, is an imposing sight on a bluff near the Albanian border and a popular day trip from Ohrid. Naum was a contemporary of St…

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    Ohrid Boardwalk & City Beach

    Skimming the surface of the water along Ohrid's shore, snaking towards Kaneo fishing village and the town's most famous church, this over-water boardwalk…

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    Church of Sveti Jovan at Kaneo

    This stunning 13th-century church is set on a cliff over the lake, about a 15-minute walk west of Ohrid's port area, and is possibly North Macedonia's…

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    Saluting the lake from Ohrid's hilltop, Plaošnik is home to the multidomed medieval Church of Sveti Kliment i Pantelejmon, the foundations of a 5th…

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    Keeping one sleepy eye on Lake Ohrid from its mountain perch, Vevčani dates to the 9th century and is a quiet rural settlement beloved by locals for its…

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    Museum on Water – Bay of Bones

    In prehistoric times Lake Ohrid was home to a settlement of pile dwellers who lived literally on top of the water, on a platform supported by up to 10,000…

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    National Museum

    Ohrid's National Museum is housed over three floors of this remarkably well-preserved Old Town house, which dates from 1863 and was once owned by the…

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    Church of Sveta Bogorodica Perivlepta

    Just inside the Gorna Porta, this 13th-century Byzantine church, whose name translates as 'Our Lady the Most Glorious', has vivid biblical frescoes (newly…

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    Vevčani Springs

    The small mountain village of Vevčani, 14km north of Struga on Lake Ohrid, is celebrated for these natural springs, which writhe and wriggle through leafy…

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    Sveta Sofija Cathedral

    Ohrid's grandest church, 11th-century Sveta Sofija is supported by columns and decorated with elaborate, if very faded, Byzantine frescoes, though they…

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    National Workshop for Handmade Paper

    Here's a slightly random fact for you: Ohrid has been printing paper since the 16th century and this museum-cum-shop has one of only two copies of the…

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    Cupped between a sloping hill and a tranquil bay, Ohrid's last traditional fishing village features clustered houses with terracotta roofs and a white…

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    Classical Amphitheatre

    Ohrid's impressive amphitheatre was built in the Hellenistic period (around 200 BC); the Romans later removed 10 rows to accommodate gladiators and used…

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    Icon Gallery

    This small museum contains an impressive collection of Macedonian religious icons, from the 13th to the 18th century. It's right by the Church of Sveta…

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    Gorna Porta

    Ohrid's Upper Gate marks the entrance to the fortified old town. If you enter Ohrid by car, you may well drive through its stooped stone archway.

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    Stroll Sveti Kliment Ohridski street, lined with cafes and shops, to reach this enormous, 900-year-old plane tree – a likeable Ohrid landmark.

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    Car Samoil's Fortress

    The massive, turreted walls of Ohrid's 10th-century castle indicate the power of the medieval Bulgarian state. The ramparts offer fantastic views over the…