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The British Foreign and Commonwealth Office advise against all travel to areas of northeast Nigeria, and against all but essential travel to some other areas. Click here for more information.

Top things to do

Top ChoiceForest in Oshogbo

Osun Sacred Grove

Osun Sacred Grove

The Sacred Grove is a large area of rainforest on the outskirts of Oshogbo. Within the forest is the beautiful Shrine of Oshuno, the River Goddess. In addition to natural beauty, there are many stunning...

Top ChoiceBooks in Lagos

Jazz Hole

An offspring of the great Glendora Books, Jazz Hole is primarily a book and record store. In this oasis of calm in the mile-a-minute city, sip tea in the lovely cafe and get cultural lessons from the proprietor –...

Top ChoiceGallery in Lagos

Nike Art Gallery

One of Nigeria's most important artists, Nike Okundaye, runs this enormous gallery full of contemporary and traditional Nigerian arts. Nike herself is practically an incarnation of love and beauty, which is...

Top ChoiceLive Music in Lagos

New Afrika Shrine

Just by showing up you'll get a political education, a lesson in shakin' it and a contact high. Though Fela's original Shrine was burnt down, this replacement run by his children is the best show in town. Femi...

Top ChoiceBar in Lagos

Bogobiri II/Nimbus

Part of Bogobiri House, this is a lovely place for a drink (and eat) – mellow in the day and happening at night. There's an attached art gallery with works from local artists, and at weekends there's live music....

Top ChoiceGallery in Lagos

Terra Kulture

Close to Bar Beach, this welcoming arts centre with a high bamboo roof has a traditional restaurant which is one of the best and most attractive places to eat in town: try the catfish with pounded yam and spicy...

Top ChoiceArts & Crafts in Lagos


Out in the gated Parkview estate, Quintessence sells artworks and crafts, with an especially good selection of clothes and some antique carvings and artefacts. Some of the colourful, funky and original garments...

Top ChoiceWildlife Reserve in Lagos

Lekki Conservation Centre

Lekki Conservation Centre

Run by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation, this centre has a huge tract of wetlands set aside for wildlife viewing. Canopy walkways enable you to see monkeys, crocodiles and various birds; early morning is the...

Top ChoiceWildlife Reserve in Calabar

Afi Mountain Drill Ranch

The excellent Afi Mountain Drill Ranch near Cross River National Park is one of Nigeria's highlights, with a rainforest canopy walk, close primate encounters and superb accommodation. Its headquarters is in Calabar.

Top ChoiceMarket in Lagos

Lekki Market

A rich variety of crafts from all around Nigeria and West Africa: this is a brilliant place to wander and look for affordable gifts. You can also buy fabrics and get clothes run up on the spot here.

Top ChoiceMuseum in Lagos

Kalakuta Republic Museum

Legendary musician Fela Kuti's former house and revolutionary headquarters is now a fascinating museum with everything intact from Fela's bedroom to his (very small) underwear. Breath deep and you may even catch...

Top ChoiceIndian in Lagos


Subtly flavoured Indian food served in a refined atmosphere in lovely metal dishes. There's a picture window onto the traditional clay oven, where fresh bread is baked at high speed. Lots of choice for vegetarians.

Shrine in Abeokuta

Olumo Rock

The founding site of Abeokuta, famed Olumo Rock has a rich history and great spiritual significance. Hire a guide and climb the rock – at one point it is smooth and quite steep, so go via the steps if you're not...

Cultural Centre in Oshogbo

Suzanne Wenger's House

Susanne Wenger's remarkable house sits in the heart of Oshogbo: a tall Gothic place decorated outside with terracotta swirling sculptures, and inside with a mass of wooden votive figures. Sit on one of the...

Cultural in Oshogbo

Osun Festival

Thousands descend on Oshogbo in late August for this festival held in honour of the river goddess. Music, dancing and sacrifices form one of the centrepieces of the Yoruba cultural and spiritual year.

Cultural in Nigeria

Argungu Fishing and Cultural Festival

Around mid-February, the spectacular three-day festival in Argungu is held. Possibly the most interesting in the country, the festival has sadly been cancelled for the past few years due to politics.

Cultural Centre in Oshogbo

Nike Centre for Art & Culture

Get your shopping groove on at this fabulous gallery, where you can browse Nike's own paintings, and buy a terrific range of fabrics, batik garments and jewellery.

Cultural in Nigeria


The Islamic festival of Tabaski, 69 days after Ramadan, features colourful processions of cavalry.

National Park in Nigeria

Gashaka-Gumti National Park

Nigeria's largest national park, Gashaka-Gumti is also the remotest and least-explored part of the country. Its 6700-sq-km area contains rolling hills, savannah, montane forest – as wild and spectacular a corner...

Palace in Nigeria

Oòni's Palace

le-Ife is considered the birthplace of Yoruba civilisation, where people still worship traditional deities at revered spiritual sites. At the 18th-century Oòni's Palace one of the king's servants will, for a fee,...