Oòni's Palace


le-Ife is considered the birthplace of Yoruba civilisation, where people still worship traditional deities at revered spiritual sites. At the 18th-century Oòni's Palace one of the king's servants will, for a fee, show you the shrine within the palace walls, take you to see Oduduwa's staff, and teach you fantastic Yoruba creation stories including the tale of Moremi the warrior-princess.

You can identify the palace servants because half their head is shaved, and you might even meet the king. For a libation and prayer at the shrine you pay for a bottle of local moonshine – it's a good idea to arrive with a local friend or guide who can negotiate the visit for you.

There's a festival every single day of the year here except one, on a day determined annually by the king.

To get here, take a bush taxi from Oshogbo (N400, 45 minutes).

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