Bumble is paying two people to travel around the world and make connections in romance and friendship as part of their new Global Connector Bee programme.

Bumble Global Connector Bee
Juliana Broste (l) and Brigette Muller (r) are Bumble's inaugural 'Global Connector Bees' ©Bumble

Back in June, we announced that Bumble, the women-first dating and social media app, were looking to hire someone to travel around the world and make connections in business, friendships and romance. After receiving thousands of applications, the company picked out two candidates this month: Brigette Muller and Juliana Broste. 

Juliana, from Colorado, is an award-winning video journalist who previously worked for Lonely Planet among other publications, while New York City-resident Brigette is a social media specialist who has worked at Etsy and Free People. Both women have been hired to travel around the world for the year and share their experiences through videos, blog posts and social media content for Bumble.

For Brigette, the most exciting aspect of the trip is the potential to learn how locals live in each city, "I can’t wait to connect with people on Bumble and learn what each city is like. Sure, the main attractions are great, but I’m most excited to discover the hidden gems and local spots directly through the people who live in each city. It’ll also be a really fun way to give viewers a unique, voyeuristic perspective of what it could look like to live in each area."

While Juliana is looking forward to pushing herself out of her comfort zone and taking risks. "It's not easy to put yourself out there, but you've got to take chances," she said. "Those big risks are worth it. There’s nothing like the power of human connection. I’m so excited to get out there and meet new people in a new way."

On Tuesday both women touched down in Singapore, their first port of call, for Bumble Bizz, a networking event aimed at women. After that, they'll travel to Australia, Canada, India, Germany, Mexico, Norway, the UK, the USA and Japan, spending two weeks in each country.

Bumble said they received thousands of applications for the role. Initially, the intention was to hire one person but after meeting Brigette and Juliana, they decided that the role was a two-person job.

"We felt that it was important to have two people who can speak to their individual experiences of making connections and cultivating their own relationships across cultures, all while travelling together," said Chelsea Maclin, of Bumble's marketing team. "I’m so excited to see how their experiences differ from country to country."

If you're interested in seeing how the Global Bee Connectors get on with their adventures, follow the YouTube channel here or Instagram here.

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