When it comes to backpacking around the world, there are some basic requirements that will influence your decision to travel in particular countries. You'll want to ensure you’re travelling safely and getting good value for your budget and that you have access to the internet when you need it, for example. With this in mind, the team at Globehunters has compiled a report to select the world’s top backpacking hotspots.

A backpacker standing on rocks and gazing out on the view
A new report has outlined the backpacking hotspots around the world. Image: Westend61

They looked at happiness, safety, internet access and cost of living in each area, and decided that Finland is the best country overall for backpacking. They chose it because they found it to have the cleanest air and tap water, friendliest citzens and the highest life expectancy and social support. Singapore came top for safety, and this was assisted by its residents feeling the most secure and believing that they have higher levels of order and peace than their neighbours.

Nyhavn is a 17th-century waterfront, canal and entertainment district in Denmark
Denmark is the second-best backpacking hotspot in the world. Image: Kateryna Negoda/Getty Images

Backpackers to Pakistan can expect to be greeted by cheap travel costs, inexpensive food and money-saving accommodation, making it the country that came top for value. South Korea was deemed a technology hotspot, and this was aided by its widespread internet coverage. The report says that this facilitates the usage of social media and could enable the travellers to work/earn money easily while travelling. 

The Karakoram highway in Pakistan
Pakistan was chosen as the best value hotspot in the country for backpacking. Image: Travelview/Shutterstock

The top ten overall hotspots for backpackers were found to be 1. Finland  2. Denmark 3. Canada 4. Czech Republic 5. Sweden 6. The Netherlands 7. Austria 8. United Arab Emirates 9. Australia and 10. Singapore.

To see the report in full please see Globehunters' report here.

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