Wellington Tramway Museum

North Island

A glimpse into historic Wellington by way of restored wooden trams and museum displays housed in a large garage. Take a 2km tram ride through Queen Elizabeth Park down to the beach and back.

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1. Queen Elizabeth Park

1.07 MILES

One of the last relatively unchanged areas of dunes and wetlands along the Kāpiti Coast, this undulating 650-hectare park offers swimming, walking,…

2. Our Lady of Lourdes Statue


Paraparaumu's oddest claim to fame is surely this 14m-high statue of the Madonna, looming over the town from a 75m-high hill. It was commissioned by the…

3. Southward Car Museum

5.78 MILES

This huge hangar-like museum looks like a 1960s university but houses one of Australasia’s largest collections of antique and unusual cars. Check out the…

5. Ngā Manu Nature Reserve

8.57 MILES

Waikanae's main visitor lure, Ngā Manu is a 15-hectare bird sanctuary dotted with picnic areas, bushwalks, aviaries and a nocturnal house with kiwi, owls…

6. Dowse Art Museum

17.21 MILES

A beacon of culture and delight, the excellent Dowse is worth visiting for its jaunty architecture alone. It’s a family-friendly, accessible art museum…

7. Petone Settlers Museum

18.7 MILES

Built for the centenary of the Treaty of Waitangi in 1940, this gorgeous little art-deco building on the shell-strewn Petone foreshore contains a fun and…

8. Katherine Mansfield House & Garden

23.25 MILES

Often compared to Chekhov and Maupassant, Katherine Mansfield was one of NZ’s most distinguished authors, who pushed the short-story form to uncharted…