Sundari Chowk

Top choice in Patan

South of Mul Chowk is the smaller Sundari Chowk, arranged around a superbly carved sunken water tank known as the Tusha Hiti. The chowk was restored in 2014, and again after the 2015 earthquake. Built in 1647, the renovated water tank has 72 carved stone plaques depicting Tantric deities and was used by the king for ritual ablutions. The spout is new; the original was stolen in 2010 (and recovered). Ancient carved wooden struts lie scattered in the corners.

On the way out look at the restored Bhandarkhal water tank, once the main water supply for the palace, featuring a charming meditation pavilion.

Back in Durbar Sq, the traditional gateway to Sundari Chowk features three magnificent statues of Hanuman (barely recognisable beneath layers of orange paint), Ganesh and Vishnu as Narsingha, the man-lion, tearing out the entrails of a demon.