Shiva Temple


If you take the road leading southeast from the bottom of the town square for 2km, you’ll pass a playing field and the turn-off to the Kali Temple. Just beyond this junction, a Ganesh shrine marks the path down to a picturesque little Shiva temple at the bottom of a gorge, with a stream trickling by.

The temple enshrines a four-faced lingam topped by a metal dome with four nagas arching down from the pinnacle. You are liable to find holy men dispensing spiritual advice. Note the statues of a Malla royal family in the courtyard.

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1. Kali Temple

0.49 MILES

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4. Vishnu Temple

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This three-tiered Vishnu temple is guarded by two very different Garudas, a man-bird that serves as the mount of Vishnu in Hindu mythology.

5. Gita Temple

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This modern Hindu temple is dedicated to the Bhagavad Gita, a 700-verse scripture in Sanskrit that is part of the Mahabharata epic.

6. Bhagwati Shiva Temple

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This three-tiered temple dedicated to Shiva is built in the Newari style; 'Bhagwati' is an honorific title for female Hindu deities.

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8. Mother of Chandeshwari Temple

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This small satellite of the nearby Chandeshwari Temple is dedicated to the mother of Chandeshwari, one of the fearsome incarnations of Parvati.