Crvena Glavica

Sveti Stefan

A short hike south of Sveti Stefan will bring you to this collection of small beaches with rocky red sand (crvena glavica means 'red head'). It's a steep and bumpy path, but if you're intent on seeking out some peace and quiet (or are a dedicated nudist), it's worth the journey.

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1. Sveti Stefan Beach

0.51 MILES

The main point of coming to Sveti Stefan is to spend as much time horizontal as possible, with occasional breaks for a cooling dip. The water here gets…

2. Miločer Beach

0.85 MILES

At the northern end of Sveti Stefan Beach, a path leads over a headland draped in pine and olive trees to the turquoise waters and pink sands of Miločer…

3. Praskvica Monastery

0.94 MILES

Just off the highway in the hills slightly north of Sveti Stefan, this humble 600-year-old monastery, named after the peach-scented water of a brook that…

4. Sveti Nikola

2.58 MILES

Known locally as ‘Hawaii’, Sveti Nikola is Montenegro’s largest island, stretching to nearly 2km. Fallow deer wander about on this uninhabited green spot,…

5. Roman Mosaics

3.49 MILES

Apart from the beaches, Petrovac’s most interesting attraction is also its least heralded. In 1902, the foundations of a Roman building complete with…

6. Elijah’s Church

3.58 MILES

Dedicated to the Old Testament prophet Elijah, this Orthodox church dates from the 14th or 15th century. It's often open, revealing some beautiful old…

7. Town Walls

3.59 MILES

A walkway about a metre wide leads around the landward walls of the Stari Grad, offering views across the rooftops and down on some beautiful hidden…

8. Citadela


The citadel at the Old Town’s seaward end offers striking views, a restaurant and a library full of model ships, rare tomes and maps displayed safely…