The old walled town of Budva with the Citadela in the foreground, Budva, Montenegro, Europe

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The citadel at the Old Town’s seaward end offers striking views, a restaurant and a library full of model ships, rare tomes and maps displayed safely behind glass. It's thought to be built on the site of the Greek acropolis, but the present incarnation dates from the 19th-century Austrian occupation.

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1. St John the Baptist’s Church

0.03 MILES

Budva's largest church was built towards the end of the 12th century, and served as its Catholic cathedral until 1828. Parts of it possibly date from as…

2. Town Walls

0.03 MILES

A walkway about a metre wide leads around the landward walls of the Stari Grad, offering views across the rooftops and down on some beautiful hidden…

3. Holy Trinity Church

0.03 MILES

Constructed in 1804 out of stripes of pink and honey-coloured stone, this Orthodox church has beautiful frescoes covering its interior walls.

4. Trg između crkava

0.04 MILES

Literally the 'square between the churches', this open area below the citadel provides a visual reminder of the once-cosy relationship between Orthodox…

7. Budva Museum

0.08 MILES

This archaeological and ethnographic museum shows off Budva’s ancient and complicated history – dating back to at least 500 BC – over four floors of…

8. Stari Grad

0.08 MILES

Budva's best feature and star attraction is the Stari Grad (Old Town) – a mini-Dubrovnik with marbled streets and Venetian walls rising from the clear…