Panoramic landscape of coast Budva riviera:Sveti Nikola island and mountains at sunset. Dramatic evening sky. Balkans, Adriatic sea, Europe.
Landscape of coast Budva riviera:Sveti Nikola island at sunset. - stock photo


Sveti Nikola


Known locally as ‘Hawaii’, Sveti Nikola is Montenegro’s largest island, stretching to nearly 2km. Fallow deer wander about on this uninhabited green spot, which is only a nautical mile away from Budva or Bečići Beach. Its rocky beaches make it a popular destination in summer when taxi boats regularly ferry sunseekers to and fro; those leaving from Slovenska Plaža charge about €3 per person each way (charter your own for €15 to €20).

You'll have more chance escaping the tourist hordes, discarded rubbish and blaring pop music if you hire a kayak and look for a secluded cove on the far side of the island. Local lore has it that the graves scattered around tiny, whitewashed St Nicholas’ Church (Crkva Sv Nikole) are those of crusaders who died of an unknown epidemic while they camped nearby. The church itself may date to as early as 1096.

Lonely Planet's must-see attractions

Nearby Budva attractions

1. Town Walls

1.06 MILES

A walkway about a metre wide leads around the landward walls of the Stari Grad, offering views across the rooftops and down on some beautiful hidden…

2. Citadela

1.07 MILES

The citadel at the Old Town’s seaward end offers striking views, a restaurant and a library full of model ships, rare tomes and maps displayed safely…

3. St John the Baptist’s Church

1.09 MILES

Budva's largest church was built towards the end of the 12th century, and served as its Catholic cathedral until 1828. Parts of it possibly date from as…

4. Holy Trinity Church


Constructed in 1804 out of stripes of pink and honey-coloured stone, this Orthodox church has beautiful frescoes covering its interior walls.

5. Pizana Beach

1.11 MILES

By the walls on the northern side of the Old Town, Pizana is a popular 100m stretch of sand and pebbles.

6. Trg između crkava

1.11 MILES

Literally the 'square between the churches', this open area below the citadel provides a visual reminder of the once-cosy relationship between Orthodox…

7. Budva Museum

1.11 MILES

This archaeological and ethnographic museum shows off Budva’s ancient and complicated history – dating back to at least 500 BC – over four floors of…