St George's Church


Sitting behind castle-like walls on the lower slopes of Gorica hill (Podgorica means 'under Gorica'), this little Orthodox church is the city's oldest. Inside, the remains of centuries-old frescoes are more interesting than the relatively modern gilded iconostasis. More fascinating still is the thoroughly creepy overgrown cemetery behind the enclosure.

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Nearby Podgorica attractions

1. Millennium Bridge

0.44 MILES

One of Podgorica's few landmarks, this impressive 173m-long cable-stayed bridge spans the Morača River. The pedestrian-only Moscow Bridge runs parallel to…

2. Museums & Galleries of Podgorica

0.45 MILES

Despite Cetinje nabbing most of the national endowment, Podgorica is well served by this collection of art, artefacts and folk costumes. There’s an…

3. Galerija Centar

0.47 MILES

This small gallery is a branch of Podgorica's Contemporary Art Centre; it regularly hosts temporary exhibitions by Montenegrin artists.

4. Vladimir Visotsky Statue


A spectacularly cheesy sculpture of Russian singer-songwriter Vladimir Visotsky, pictured shirtless with a guitar and a skull at his feet.

5. King's Park


Rejuvenated in 2013 with Azerbaijani money, this leafy riverside park is one of Podgorica's nicest, and has a great kids' playground.

6. Nikola I Statue

0.51 MILES

A large equestrian statue of Nikola I struts grandly at the head of a lovely park with manicured hedges and mature trees.

7. Ribnica Fortress

0.57 MILES

The ruin of this 15th-century Ottoman-built fortress guards the confluence of Podgorica's two rivers. Its best-preserved element is a little arched bridge…

8. Beach


The rocky Morača riverbank off Stara Varoš serves as Podgorica's main beach, complete with a summertime bar, deckchairs and sun umbrellas. It's a far cry…