Ribnica Fortress


The ruin of this 15th-century Ottoman-built fortress guards the confluence of Podgorica's two rivers. Its best-preserved element is a little arched bridge crossing the Ribnica. It's not very well taken care of (there's often rubbish strewn about), but it's still worth a stroll.

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Nearby Podgorica attractions

1. Beach

0.03 MILES

The rocky Morača riverbank off Stara Varoš serves as Podgorica's main beach, complete with a summertime bar, deckchairs and sun umbrellas. It's a far cry…

2. Nikola I Statue

0.08 MILES

A large equestrian statue of Nikola I struts grandly at the head of a lovely park with manicured hedges and mature trees.

3. Starodoganjska Mosque

0.09 MILES

You wouldn't know to look at it, but this unassuming-looking mosque has its origins in the 15th century. It's been renovated countless times, which…

4. Galerija Centar

0.12 MILES

This small gallery is a branch of Podgorica's Contemporary Art Centre; it regularly hosts temporary exhibitions by Montenegrin artists.

5. Stara Varoš

0.18 MILES

Podgorica's oldest neighbourhood retains traces of the 400 years in which it was the centre of a bustling Ottoman Turkish town. The blocky clock tower…

6. King's Park


Rejuvenated in 2013 with Azerbaijani money, this leafy riverside park is one of Podgorica's nicest, and has a great kids' playground.

7. Natural History Museum of Montenegro

0.22 MILES

This small but well set-up museum has informative displays of Montenegrin flora, fauna and fossils, including all the taxidermied birds, bears and baying…

8. Clock Tower

0.24 MILES

This blocky clock tower, overlooking the Stara Varoš square, was useful for signalling Muslim prayer times during the Ottoman era.