Petar I Petrović Njegoš Statue


The most imposing of Podgorica's public sculptures is the huge bronze statue of St Peter of Cetinje, standing on a black marble plinth on the Cetinje edge of town.

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1. Cathedral of Christ’s Resurrection

0.32 MILES

Finally consecrated in 2013 after 20 years of construction, the large dome, white stone towers and gold crosses of this immense Serbian Orthodox cathedral…

2. Petrović Palace

0.43 MILES

The Montenegro Contemporary Art Centre stages high-profile exhibitions in this pale-pink 19th-century palace. The surrounding park is peppered with…

3. Vladimir Visotsky Statue

0.68 MILES

A spectacularly cheesy sculpture of Russian singer-songwriter Vladimir Visotsky, pictured shirtless with a guitar and a skull at his feet.

4. Millennium Bridge

0.75 MILES

One of Podgorica's few landmarks, this impressive 173m-long cable-stayed bridge spans the Morača River. The pedestrian-only Moscow Bridge runs parallel to…

5. Beach

0.76 MILES

The rocky Morača riverbank off Stara Varoš serves as Podgorica's main beach, complete with a summertime bar, deckchairs and sun umbrellas. It's a far cry…

6. Ribnica Fortress

0.79 MILES

The ruin of this 15th-century Ottoman-built fortress guards the confluence of Podgorica's two rivers. Its best-preserved element is a little arched bridge…

7. Starodoganjska Mosque

0.83 MILES

You wouldn't know to look at it, but this unassuming-looking mosque has its origins in the 15th century. It's been renovated countless times, which…

8. Osmanagić Mosque

0.85 MILES

Of the two mosques within Stara Varoš, this one dating from the 18th century is the most impressive. It was beautifully restored (via Turkish donations)…