Podmaine Monastery


On the surprisingly peaceful northern slopes of town, this Serbian Orthodox monastery features the same stripes of pink and honey-coloured stone as the Stari Grad's Holy Trinity Church. Interesting frescoes inside the church include a Judgement Day scene showing the fate to befall the damned (look for the communist officer with the red star on his military uniform), including being eaten alive by fish and what appears to be a chicken.

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1. Podostrog Monastery

0.44 MILES

From Podmaine Monastery, a walking track leads up the mountains for 2km to the fortified Podostrog Monastery. This was once a residence of Montenegro’s…

2. Slovenska Plaža

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After the marina, the long sweep of Budva’s main beach commences, heralded by blaring local pop and endless rows of sun umbrellas and loungers (available…

3. Slovenska Obala

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In summer, Budva's main beachside promenade morphs into a bustling, hustling strip of fast-food outlets, beach bars in the guise of pirate ships and…

4. Pizana Beach

1.38 MILES

By the walls on the northern side of the Old Town, Pizana is a popular 100m stretch of sand and pebbles.

6. Budva Museum

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This archaeological and ethnographic museum shows off Budva’s ancient and complicated history – dating back to at least 500 BC – over four floors of…

7. Stari Grad

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Budva's best feature and star attraction is the Stari Grad (Old Town) – a mini-Dubrovnik with marbled streets and Venetian walls rising from the clear…

8. Main Gate

1.43 MILES

The remains of the emblem of Venice – the winged lion of St Mark – are still visible over the main entrance to Budva's Old Town.