Punta Cometa

Top choice in Mazunte

Amazing sunset over the pacific ocean from a hill in Punta Cometa, Mazunte, Mexico

Daniel Carmona Ruiz/Shutterstock

This rocky cape, jutting out from the west end of Mazunte beach, is the southernmost point in the state of Oaxaca and a fabulous place to hike at sunset amid crashing waves and dreamy Pacific vistas.

To walk to the cape, take the lane toward Playa Mermejita off Calle Rinconcito, and go left up the track immediately after the cemetery to reach the community nature reserve entrance after 250m. Here you have two choices. Take the path leading down to the right (Sendero Corral de Piedra Poniente) and you'll join a winding sometimes rough trail that ultimately gets you to the Punta in 20 to 30 minutes (the last part crosses a small beach). Take the central path and you'll be led more directly through trees and then across a grassy headland to the Punta. Ideally you can combine both paths for a round-trip that takes around one hour without stops.