Parque Ecológico Chipinque

Top choice park in Monterrey

This stunning mountainside section of the Parque Nacional Cumbres de Monterrey is just 12km from downtown. There's great hiking and mountain-biking on almost 80km of trails through dense forest and up rocky peaks, including highest point Copete de Águilas (2200m). A park museum with interactive exhibits, a butterfly atrium and an insect house are especially fun for kids. The visitor center has maps, snacks, trail advice and permits for those heading to the summits. Entry is free at weekends.

Mountain bike rentals (M$200 per hour) and three-hour bike excursions (M$650 per person, including bike) also can be arranged at the visitor center.

Buses to Chipinque leave from the southwest corner of Parque Alameda at 8am, 10am and noon; be sure to ask when the last bus returns. Alternatively, a taxi from downtown costs M$120; ask the driver to return at an agreed-upon time to be sure you have a ride back to town.