Centro de Cultura Digital

Zona Rosa & Reforma

In the Estela de Luz basement you'll find this cultural center with temporary expositions, of hit-and-miss interest, focusing on digital technology. Areas include interactive e-literature and poetry, hackathon and gaming spaces, and VR labs.

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1. Estela de Luz

Opposite Torre Mayor, the 104m-high Estela de Luz was built to commemorate Mexico's bicentennial anniversary in 2010, though due to delays in construction…

2. Torre BBVA Bancomer

0.05 MILES

Across from the Torre Mayor is the Torre BBVA Bancomer, a bank's 50-story skyscraper that became Mexico's tallest building upon its completion in 2015,…

3. Torre Mayor

0.07 MILES

The Torre Mayor stands like a sentinel before the gate to Bosque de Chapultepec. The green-glass tower soars 225m above the capital. The earthquake…

4. Torre Reforma

0.15 MILES

This 246m (807ft), 57-story, wedge-shaped tower became Mexico City's tallest building when it opened in 2016, displacing the Torre BBVA Bancomer (235m…

5. Monumento a Los Niños Héroes

0.25 MILES

The six marble columns marking Chapultepec park's eastern entrance commemorate the ‘boy heroes,’ six young cadets who perished in battle. On September 13,…

6. Museo de Arte Moderno

0.25 MILES

The collection here exhibits work by noteworthy 20th-century and contemporary Mexican artists, including canvases by Dr Atl, Rivera, Siqueiros, Orozco,…

7. La Diana Cazadora


Commonly known as La Diana Cazadora (Diana the Hunter), this 1942 bronze nude sculpture atop a fountain is actually meant to represent the Archer of the…

8. Tribuna Monumental de las Águilas

0.36 MILES

This 'Fallen Eagle Monument,' known also as 'el Tribuna Monumental,' is an obelisk dedicated to fallen Mexican soldiers who joined the Allies in the…