Museo Jardín del Agua

Polanco & Bosque de Chapultepec

Diego Rivera painted a series of murals for the inauguration of Cárcamo de Dolores, Chapultepec's waterworks facility built in the 1940s. Experimenting with waterproof paints, Rivera covered the collection tank, sluice gates and part of the pipeline with images of amphibious beings and workers involved in the project.

Outside the building, you can't miss another of Rivera's extraordinary works, Fuente de Tláloc, an oval pool inhabited by a huge mosaic-skinned sculpture of the Aztec god of water, rain and fertility. About 150m north is the beautiful Fuente de Xochipilli, dedicated to the Aztec ‘flower prince,’ with terraced fountains around a pyramid in the talud-tablero style typical of Teotihuacán. Sadly, in recent years the water rarely flows.

Hold on to your ticket as it includes entry to the nearby Museo de Historia Natural (Natural History Museum).

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